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The Strength of America

In media and culture, those who are bearish about the American experience often discuss the precariousness of the United States. They do this because it garners attention, but does the argument have any validity? Is the Nation so weak that it could be on its last legs? Is civil war inevitable?


Though we have fallen into difficult times with civil unrest, widespread disease, deep political division, and a volatile economy, the American Spirit is far more robust than the culmination of these forces. The strength of America is birthed from the foundational principles of our Forefathers and will not falter insofar as these principles are instilled into its people. America is rooted firmly by two pillars – Faith and Logic, Revelation and Reason. This Democratic Republic was established to protect the unalienable rights given by the Creator to all men and women. With Faith, our eyes are opened to the Divine in others, so that we are better able to protect them. With Reason, we are able to think critically and march toward progress. These two pillars are meant to be married to one another; they are a check and balance, a harmonious union, a complementary pair.

The two pillars consistently act as a compass and guide. They correct our Wrongs and push us toward the right path. They have this propensity because they inherently see the Good in all of us. The founders of this great Nation saw their people as autonomous moral agents that could judge, reason, and choose the route best suited for a prosperous future. In Western civilization, Faith allowed for the liberation from slavery and the protection of universal human rights; Reason produced religious tolerance and the development of the scientific method.

I believe these buffers from tyranny, corruption, and other external forces live on in the hearts of the American people. We must be able to see the Good in Man and strive to develop the Good. We must make Goodness a habit and a routine. Like a sculptor molding his clay, we also must give Goodness our attention, constantly working it until our Conscience takes its proper form. The power of the United States is the power of its people; each Individual has the responsibility of becoming Virtuous. Good men strive to be great, but great men strive to be Good. It should be our duty and life’s work to develop the Good and instill these virtues and lessons into our future generations, just as our forefathers did for us. We must be cautious of the influences and indoctrinations that our children are exposed to. Do not let Evil penetrate their beings. We must teach them to strive for Goodness and develop a persistence and tenacity that will not waver when hardship arrives. We must show them their worth and reveal the Divinity they are destined for.


Silence Dogood

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