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The Role of Government

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

It is my impression that the role of a government should be limited in so far as necessary that her society may operate in an orderly manner, and its power shall go no further. This is why the State’s power must play a significant role in the governing of its citizens. An overarching body is capable of doing Good, but the power of the State will be more suitable to the individuality and specificity of the American people.

A Laissez-faire governmental approach ought to be taken. After Nature has run her course, it is only the fittest who survive. It is my hope that America conserves its original policy for bringing along and uplifting the poor and disenfranchised. We must return to a society in which Charity comes from the Good of our hearts, not at the hands of the greedy tax collector. It was never the Founders’ intention for the government to play the part of Robinhood. The check and balance system established in the beginning was meant to drive off government totality.

A strict analytical approach throughout history shows the weed-like nature of most governments. And just as weeds must be limited in a garden, so too should the government be constrained. It is the spirit of the people to grow and prosper; many times, government has hampered progress. Government is a necessity, but is oft the Oppressor of the people it swore to protect. The American people should not be quick to forget the lessons learnt at our great Nation’s birth. The tyranny experienced by our Forbearers was the catalyst for Independence and was of such a weight that individuals were willing to give up their lives to rid it from their homes. Can we say the same today?


Silence Dogood

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