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Alexander the Great Mosaic by Unknown Artist (c. 120-100 BC)

Alexander the Great Mosaic by Unknown Artist (c. 120-100 BC)

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Painting Description:

"This infamous mosaic is thought to be a reproduction of an older painting. The original may have been the work of Philoxenos of Eretria from the 4th century BC - there is also a belief that a Hellenistic painting was used as the model. The mosaic shows the magnificence of Greek monumental painting and four-color painting."


"The work is thought by many to depict the Battle of Issus between Alexander the Great and the Persian king Darius III in the year 333 BC. Others believe that the tableau shows the battle of Gaugamela in the year 331 BC, where Alexander the Great and Darius clashed once again." (via Alexander Mosaik)


"The Alexander Mosaic (8 ft 11 in × 16 ft 10 in) is made up of approximately 1.5 million tesserae, which are small, cubed pieces of glass or stones cut into shape. The mostly earth-colored stones are remarkably tiny and used to emphasize the details of the scene. They are laid down in a style known as opus vermiculatum, a technique which is identified as 'worm-like' due to the curved lines of tesserae placed to emphasize features and figures within the work."


"The mosaic, which was created in the 2nd century B.C.E., once covered the entire floor of a room located between the two peristyle gardens of the large and grand House of the Faun in Pompeii. Today, a modern replica can be seen in Pompeii, while the original has been transferred to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (Naples National Archaeological Museum). The original mosaic survives in such good condition because it was protected by layers of ash from the 79 C.E. volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius until its rediscovery in 1831." (via Jessica Mingoia)


Product Details:
- 0.25 mm-thick Japanese premium luster print
- Paper weight: 7.67 oz/yd² (260 g/m²)
- Half-gloss, half-matte finish
- Fingerprint resistant
- Ships rolled in eco-friendly packaging

- Estimated delivery time of 5-8 business days within the US

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