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On Happiness & Purpose

Having talked with many people about their goals and aspirations, I often hear the phrase, “I just want to be happy.” The purpose of setting a goal is to take aim and set a trajectory for one’s life, so establishing a proper target is critical – and the search for happiness is not a good goal.

Happiness is one of those curious human conditions; it is fleeting, and the more it's desired, the more it is found lacking. The true joy of life is found in a great and noble adventure. The road will be difficult, and you will not be the same when you reach the other side. The path to Paradise begins in Hell. You will encounter demons and monsters; you will find evil deep within yourself. But stop pursuing an easier life and recognize that suffering is an integral part of existence. Instead, carry your burden; focus on transcendence by improving yourself and the lives of those around you.

Remember that the best map and guide on this journey is Truth. If you are not where you want to be in life, seek more wisdom. Be honest with yourself. We all have shortcomings and pitfalls; do not be afraid to recognize yours. Any avoidance of Truth is a weakness – knowledge is power.


Silence Dogood

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