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I. The greatest thing a man can do is have the courage to love without compensation or condition.

II. Wake up every day and appreciate that you wake up every day. Then rise and work. You will have enough time to lay down in your casket.

III. It is far too difficult to remember the web of lies you spin throughout each day. You will end up caught and terribly tangled if you do not speak the Truth.

IV. Take on voluntary burdens. You will grow accustomed to the weight. Then, when it is time to carry the involuntary load, you will not be crushed by its force.

V. Man is separated from beast for his ability to look into the face of danger and smile. Do thus.

VI. Your first duty is to your Creator. The virtues developed through the pursuit of transcendence will align all facets of life and carry you toward Greatness.

VII. The only way to live one hundred lives is to learn from one hundred minds that came before you.


Silence Dogood

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